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Each 1"x 2" tag contains a proprietary blend of 88 minerals (including all electrolytes), music frequencies that aid in DNA repair, and positive affirmations designed to help remove pain, increase range of motion, and help to balance pH.

Tag will also soften your water, prevent algae growth, balance pH, and more!

For pain, simply place tag(s) on affected area for a few minutes.


Frequency Healing Tag

35,00$ Precio
25,00$Precio de oferta
  • The tags function to restructure water and assist organisms in achieving energetic balance, facilitating the body's natural healing processes and restoration to equilibrium. Each tag offers distinct advantages, yet they are all applied in the same manner.

    • Wear the tag on your person by securing it to a cord/necklace or placing it in a pocket. • Position the tag beneath a cup or plate to infuse food and beverages with energy. • For alleviating pain, apply the tag directly onto the affected area and wrap it with a medical bandage.

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