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Price $40 for 30 minutes

         $60 for 60 minutes

Foot Detox

  • Restores Vitality

  • Reduces Joint & Muscle Pain

  • Increases Mental Clarity

  • Clears Skin

  • Strengthens Immune System

  • Balances pH Levels

  • Look and feel healthier

By detoxifying your body with our system you can enjoy these benefits - and more.

(a 3% transaction fee will be charged for the use of credit and debit cards)


My name is Steven Hanson, a Vietnam veteran. For the last 34 years I have had great pain in the stomach, legs and feet due to gunshot wounds, knife wounds, and Agent Orange poisoning causing severe neuropathy in the feet. With Tony's help using massage therapy techniques (Endermatherapie, Ionized Foot Baths, Thai and deep tissue modalities) I have been able to walk better, lose weight, and sleep all night without pain. In addition, the edema swelling in my lower legs was reduced after the very first treatment. If anybody has any questions they can contact me at 712 623-1078. I will be glad to inform you of his outstanding work in caring about other people's injuries.

Being a dancer I suffer from a lot of joint and muscle pain. I feel worn down a lot. Receiving detox treatments has helped reduce my pain and restore energy levels.


EBR-Pro Ion Therapy System

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