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The Goo-CHI Wrap is the ultimate detoxifying body wrap using just the energetic signatures of various herbs in a gel. This is a healthy toxin cleanse that creates a size loss from the fatty areas of the body, resulting in inches lost from 3” to 20”. This wrap also tones and tightens, and leaves the skin incredibly soft.

How does this body wrap work?

This secret blend of ingredients includes the energetic signature of sage, which has been used for purification for centuries to rid the body of toxins by stimulating the lymph system. When the lymphatic system gets clogged, the immune system is stressed and cannot function like it should. This gel, combined with this and other herbs signatures, penetrates through the walls of the fat cells and flush the toxins out into the lymphatic system. The toxins are then flushed through the lymph as you drink water over the next few days following the body wrap. The loss is usually quite measurable.

Results can be seen and felt in as little as 45 minutes after an application. However, results can vary depending on density of adipose tissue, type of fat cells, toxin levels, toxicity variations, medications, hydration levels, menstruation cycle, and accuracy of measurements.



­­Body Wrap Directions

Things you may need:

4 oz bottle of Goo-CHI
12’ x 9’ plastic sheet
Eyeliner, grease pencil or marker (dark brown or black)
Measuring tape
Massage table, futon, or yoga mat
1 towel
2 Bed sheets (Blanket in winter time)
Note: Do not use Microwave. This will destroy the herbal frequencies and make the product not work.


Directions: Shake bottle first.
1. Cut plastic sheet in two and place on massage table, yoga mat, or bed.
2. Take measurements on areas you want to see results. Use eyeliner or grease pencil to mark exact spot of
measurements so when you re-measure, you are at the same place.
3. Do hand-cupping massage all over the body to stimulate the lymph flow.(On women, do not cup directly on breasts.)
4. Spread goo liberally and quickly onto front and back side of body.
Note: (If you don’t want to see breast reduction then don’t apply goo to those areas.)
5. When done, wrap loose plastic sheet over the body. Put sheet over the plastic to make comfortable. If it is cold, add a
blanket. Do not make the body sweat. Keep on for 45 minutes.
6. If you want to apply to the face, add enough plastic wrap to cover the area. Make 2 holes for eyes and a hole for the
nose and mouth. Spread goo on the face and wrap.
7. When the 45 minutes are up remove plastic and massage any remaining goo into the skin. Dry off with a towel and
re-measure, being sure to go to the exact same markings where you measured before. Being just a little off could
make the measurements wrong. Goo will continue to work up to 72 hours!
8. Now, subtract the second set of measurements from the first. This is the inch loss!

Goo-CHI Wrap Gel

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