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Scientific Strokes

Tony Goodson, LMT / Owner of The Healing Place and his crew, practice in the realm of


science meets soothing, beauty becomes a part of someone’s health journey. This blog seeks


to combine the substance of science with touches of humor. We will tap into a wealth of


knowledge offered by fellow practitioners and experts.


Thirteen years in massage therapy and operating his clinic has allowed him to collect many stories of healing, awkward moments, and friends. When a new client is draped, with music of his/her choice playing in low lighting surroundings, the relaxation response may trump the healing aspects of massage. Humor is ever present, along with healthy oils and lotions to loosen tired, aching muscles and awaken the senses.


While Tony represents his personal style or brand of massage, and his clients are loyal, the health aspects of a massage hearkens back to ancient times.


Hippocrates, the Greek physician attributed for writing the Hippocratic Oath taken by doctors for centuries, understood the power and presence of massage. He is reported to have said “If you want to study medicine, you must first master the art of massage.”


Goodson views massage as one part of a healthy lifestyle and routine, taking a place at the table with brothers and sisters that are physicians, chiropractors, acupuncturists, and those who practice other modalities of the healing arts.


Clients have asked him over the years if he is a doctor.  His earnest reply is that massage


therapists are better, as physicians treat a symptom while a massage therapist will help your


body heal. Massage therapists simply focus on healing the body rather than treating patients


with medication. Goodson believes in the power of medicine, asserting the place that massage


therapy has in healing aches and pains, while contributing to mental clarity.



Watch this space for information on colon and pelvic floor therapy, along with funny stories and


experts evidence of the link between science and the restorative processes of massage.


Don Rashid is a freelance writer, engaged in telling healthcare stories, entrepreneurial exploits, and a quest for health and fitness projects.  He seeks  to share mental health and personal well-being resources. Don can be reached at

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