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  Medical Benefits of Colon Hydrotherapy

Clients and healthcare professionals are becoming more aware that Colon Hydrotherapy, also referred to as colonic irrigation, or colonics for short, has potential medical benefits worth exploring.  This service is available by a trained resource through The Healing Place.

Filtered, warm water is slowly infused into the colon, removing harmful toxins and waste that has collected. While a new concept to many people, medical professionals have developed scientific evidence that supports this practice. We encourage you to have a conversation with a doctor or medical professional prior to engaging in this process.

Potential Benefits - Results Vary:

1.  Digestive Improvements

Medically, patients may see that colon cleansing transports feces and toxic elements from the body.  This therapeutic process may improve bowel movements and reduce constipation and its painful impact.

Colonic irrigation is believed to significantly reduce irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), relieving bloating, abdominal and irregular bowel movements.

2. Absorbing Nutrients

Colon cleansing removes and reduces waste that prevents essential nutrients from being absorbed.  The goal of this process is to improve better overall health and increase energy levels. A clean colon can improve the body’s ability to take in vitamins and minerals that are needed to maintain a strong immune system and general well-being.

3. Detoxification

Foods, pollutants, and medications may cause toxins to take root into the body and colon. This procedure can assist with flushing out these elements, allowing the body to function properly.

4. Weight Loss Support

A clean colon may improve metabolism and improve digestion.  This process can accompany the results gained from a renewed effort on a healthy lifestyle and exercise program.

5. Mental Health May Improve

Brain fog and fatigue may be improved when this process has been used.  Again, the belief is that toxins may be eliminated with the possibility that focus and clarity will be achieved.

For more information, contact Jamie Blaine, Certified Colon Hydrotherapist at 402-980-4347.

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